Making stuff. That does... stuff.


Hi! I’m DaPorkchop_, and this is my website. I’m a high school student from Switzerland, and I’ve spent so much time coding while I’m supposed to be studying that I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it!

I’m an active mem(b)er of the one and only Team Pepsi, and single-handedly made pepsimod and the mc.pepsi.team Minecraft server network.

I’m very active in the Minecraft modding community, and have contributed to numerous mods, mostly Valkyrien Warfare.

The majority of my projects recently have been inspired by Minecraft server 2b2t, a server with no rules, no admins and lots of potential things to be coded. I’m probably known best from my weekly render series on /r/2b2t (a library of which can be found here)

As an average high-schooler, I can’t always spend as much time as I’d like coding. Feel free to buy me a beer Pepsi or just support my work by donating crypto using one of the addresses down below.

Thanks for reading this, and feel free to have a look around!