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This page contains some of the biggest and most noteworthy projects I’ve worked on, but isn’t particularly complete or up-to-date. Consider taking a look at my GitHub profile and the PorkStudios GitHub org!

2020-Present Terra++

A Minecraft mod which generates the entire earth at 1:1 scale in Minecraft, originally forked from terra121. I completely rewrote the entire dataset and generation pipeline myself, making everything both data-driven and fully parallel and asynchronous. From my benchmarks, it’s able to generate an identical area nearly 40 times faster than terra121, along with significantly increased terrain quality.

2020-Present FarPlaneTwo

A work-in-progress Minecraft mod which implements continious Level-of-Detail rendering, with the end goal being to be able to use render distances thousands of times higher than what’s possible in the vanilla game.

2018-Present SaveSearcher

A standalone tool I made for datamining Minecraft worlds. I’ve put a ton of work into optimizing it thoroughly, and as a result it runs extremely fast. It’s able to do a full scan of a 300GiB world with 15 modules enabled in just under 4 hours - on an i7-2635QM.

2018-Present Cloudburst (formerly NukkitX)

A from-scratch server software for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. I’ve done a lot of work on this, most significantly a clean-room terrain generator which is entirely driven by dozens of configuration files.

2018-Present PorkLib

A collection of Java libraries which I use in most of my code. PorkLib has taken by far the most time of anything else on this list, and despite my best efforts to keep it trimmed down, the codebase has become quite large, with a total of over 30 individual modules.

2017-2020 PorkBot

A Discord bot I made that reached over 2200 servers. Unfortunately, a number of features have stopped working, and I haven’t had enough time to keep on top of it, but it’s still online, and I intend to revamp it at some point.

2017-2019 Valkyrien Skies

Moving structures powered by a custom multi-threaded physics engine; in Minecraft.