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This is a web overview of 2b2t. It’s still under contruction, and a lot of things are broken or unimplemented. You can view the source code here.

Please report any bugs or feature requests at here. Thanks!

The web overview can be seen here


Here’s a few simple things to rembember:

When using the bot ingame, you’ll need to rembember this syntax:

/msg 2pork2bot <target player name> <message to send>

This command will send a message to a player logged into the website, by their name. Keep in mind that logged in users are automagically logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity. An example can be seen here:

/msg 2pork2bot torogadude hello there!

This would send “hello there!” to torogadude, assuming he’s logged in on the site.

On the site (here), you can do as follows:


  1. Enter your IGN in the first text box, and your password you want to use in the second one.
  2. Press “Log in”. You’ll be sent a command, that you need to send ingame on 2b2t. Keep in mind that this confirmation command expires after 10 minutes or the bot restarting, but you can always run step 1 again :P
  3. After running the command 2pork2bot will send you back here. Refresh the page and use the same IGN and password, you’ll get a new interface.

Sending chat from the site

After registering and logging in, you’ll be able to send messages.

  1. Enter the name of the user you want to message in the first text box.
  2. Enter your message in the second one.
  3. Press “Send”
  4. The user will get your message ingame! (if they’re logged in to 2b2t, that is :P)

Changing your password

If you forget your password to log into the site, you can join 2b2t and issue the following command:

/msg 2pork2bot changepass <new password>

I don’t feel any further explaination is required for this.

Known bugs

Unimplemented (planned) features